Gumboot dance lesson

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Tickets for gumboot dance lessons have sold out!

The gumboot dance is an African dance which originated in the South African mines. It is performed by dancers wearing wellington boots, commonly known as gumboots.

More than a century ago mine workers were provided with boots to fight skin diseases caused by the flooded gold mines as this was a cheaper option than attempting to drain the mines. Working in almost total darkness and prohibited from speaking to one another, they developed their own morse code by slapping their boots and chests. This way they were able to communicate and relay messages to one another that they did not want their bosses to overhear.

Today gumboot dancing is one of South Africa’s unique dance expressions.

Learn to gumboot dance with professional dancers!

Friday 15 September 2017, free afternoon

We are offering a lesson in which you will learn a set gumboot dance. You will also be offered the chance to perform the dance at the Gala Dinner.

You can register for the lesson under 'social events' on the registration form. Make sure you get your place as there are only a limited number of spaces!

Please wear comfortable clothing such as sportswear or jeans and t-shirt (no dresses or skirts).

We are also offering dancers the chance to donate 70 Rand to the gumboot charity. The option to donate appears when you register for the lesson.