Why sponsor?

The Global Evidence Summit will be more than just a scientific conference: we provide training at basic and advanced levels; offer opportunities for scientific exchange and meetings; promote the highest quality research in support of evidence-informed health care; showcase new methods in evidence synthesis; and address globally important healthcare and policy questions.

As a sponsor with a presence at the Summit, you can reach this audience and participate in this major event which is taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. Your logo and/or profile will appear in the programme and on slides, you can choose to exhibit in the communal meeting and poster area, and your organization will be recognised as a supporter of this great effort.

Why does the Global Evidence Summit need your support?

Budgets for the Summit are prepared to cover costs only. Summit expenses are largely met from registration fees because Cochrane policies (lead partner) prohibit funding from conflicted sources, such as the drug or medical device industry. Unfortunately, this results in high registration costs that can be a barrier to participation.

We hope to raise additional funds through sponsorship from South African and international organizations, agencies and institutions involved in health care, health research, health policy or knowledge translation. Funds raised will help reduce the registration costs of all participants, but especially those from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and those who are supported financially through the Summit's formal stipend process.

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