Special session facilitator information

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Special Sessions are symposia taking place within the Summit programme that do not fit the workshop or abstract criteria. These sessions should be of interest to participants at the Summit using stakeholder engagement methodology to share new concepts relevant to the summit themes or use that further the event goals, foster interaction, and the development of partnerships with external organisations.

The Summit is intended as an inter-sectoral and multi-disciplinary event exchanging ideas about how we best generate, summarise and communicate evidence to inform policy and practice. We anticipate input from a multitude of perspectives including education, social policy and practice, criminal justice, environment, gender, health, health systems and clinical care and practice. 


Facilitators must register to attend the Summit by 1 July and are responsible for their own expenses.

Each facilitator must have created an account on the Summit website. This will allow them to access information about the session such as the list of participants. If proposed facilitators do not have an account by the submission deadline, you can include them as 'other contributors', and edit your list of facilitators later if your proposal is accepted.

Type of session

Special sessions should be structured around a high level of interaction with participants, and should avoid only extended oral presentations. Please ensure that the session abstract describes how participants will participate.

All special sessions must be stakeholder-engagement sessions: 
Stakeholder-engagement sessions are not designed to only share new information, but aim to provide a forum for participants to explore and debate particular topics, encourage interaction and structured, meaningful discussion aimed at achieving specific goals.

Length of session

Standard special sessions held during the Summit will run for 90 minutes.


All the rooms for sessions are equipped with one laptop, projector, a podium with microphone, and WiFi. Session facilitators are responsible for providing and transporting any printed materials required.